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Key West Tarpon Fishing

Key West tarpon fishing is the preferred angling experience for fishermen from all over North America and the rest of the world. The tarpon is a fish that truly stands out. In fact, it’s achieved an almost legendary status among fishing experts. They flock to the area every year, just for a chance at landing […]

The Thrills of Shark Fishing in Key West

It’s impossible to catalog all the wonderful things about deep sea fishing in Key West, but landing a shark is definitely at the top of the list.  But it’s important to keep in mind that there’s more to shark fishing than the myths you’ll see in the movies. Strangely enough, the reality of shark fishing […]

Key West Reef Fishing

Some of the most amazing fishing in Key West happens among the huge coral reef structures that beautify its waters. With the right guide, reef fishing can be tranquil and thrilling at one and the same time. This might seem contradictory on the surface, but the great natural beauty of the reefs and the exotic […]

The Top 5 Types of Key West Fishing Charters

There’s no place in the world with as many fishing options as the beautiful waters of Key West. From offshore and flats fishing to trolling the wrecks and the reefs, this sunny outpost can deliver any type of fishing experience you want. This is what makes the experience well worth the Key West fishing charter […]

Backcountry Fishing

The Florida Keys are a haven for thousands of different species of fish, large and small. This is because the shallow waters surrounding the chain of islands provide a safe habitat for young fish to mature safely before entering the predatorial ocean. These shallow waters are called the flats or the backcountry. Back there, there […]

Key West Wreck Fishing

Throughout the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys there is a large diversity of saltwater fishing. Among the many types of fishing, one of the big draws is wreck fishing – particularly off the coast of Key West. Over the years upwards of 20 wrecks have gone down in the shallow waters surrounding the island […]

Seven Mile Bridge

Seven Mile Bridge In marathon there is couple places to launch or rent a boat. To rent a boat check out Captain Pips or Buds Boats. To Launch there is a public ramp located on the bay side. A short distance from both boat rental places and the ramp is the 7 mile bridge. The […]

Yellowtail Snapper

Yellowtail Snapper – Fishing Key West Yellowtail snapper are a sought after food fish in the Florida Keys. They are common all around the Keys but are primarily fished for on the reef and deep wrecks. Although keepers are caught all over the bigger snapper are primarily caught in deeper water, 40-120 feet. When people […]

Triple Tail

Triple Tail – Fishing In Key West Triple tail are common offshore fish and can often be found shadowing floating debris offshore. They are fun to catch and eat, but sometimes they get lock jaw. When that occurs, they won’t eat anything. They will eat live and dead bait, and they will often swim at […]