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Sailfish – Deep Sea Fishing Key West Sailfish are considered one of the most sought after game fish in the Florida Keys. They are occasionally caught year round in the waters around the keys but the best time to fish for them in winter months. Sailfish run in small groups and singles and tend to […]

Rainbow Runner

Rainbow Runner- Fishing Charters Key West Rainbow Runners are in the jack family and are often encountered offshore or past the edge of the reef. They are fun to catch on light tackle, and like other jacks an OK eating fish. They eat small live baits and pieces of cut bait drifted in the current.

Pinfish, Sea Bream

Pinfish and Sea bream are common around the Florida Keys. They make ok live baits but probably not the best. Larger aggressive fish will eat them, pretty eagerly such as Tarpon, sharks, grouper, bluefish and jacks. They can usually be purchased at local bait shops for around a buck a piece, they are hardy and […]


Permit – Fishing Trips Key West Permit are often targeted on the flats and are known for the spookiness and difficulty to catch. They also school over wrecks where they are not as difficult to catch. They are known for the their fighting ability. They are part of the jack family and are relatively common […]

Nurse Shark

Nurse sharks are primarily considered junk fish, but if you are on vacation here and don’t usually catch them they can still be a blast. They are very weak fighters; they don’t really make runs like other sharks, they just try to stick to the bottom. The thing that is interesting about them, is that […]

Mutton Snappper

Mutton Snapper – Key West Fishing Trips Mutton snappers are common everywhere in Florida Keys reef. They live around the patch reefs when smaller and tend be in deeper water when they get larger. They are excellent to eat and excellent fighters. They are common up to 15 pounds but are caught larger then that. […]

Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove – Fishing Key West Florida Mangrove snappers or grey snapper are common everywhere in the Florida Keys. They average less then 4 pounds and are great eating and fighting fish. They eat smaller live baits such as pilchards and pinfish, shrimp and also cut bait. They can be found around mangroves, on the reef […]

Lemon Shark

Lemon – Fishing In Key West Florida Lemon Sharks are common all around the Keys. They grow very large and are one of weakest fighting sharks in terms of sport fishing. They eat just about anything but chunks of dead fish seem to work best.

King Mackerel, Kingfish

King Mackerel – Key West Boat Charters Florida and the Florida Keys are home to several types of Mackerel year round. Mackerel are long slender fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth, that run in schools. Schools range in size and will consist primarily of fish around the same size. They are around all […]

Jewfish, Golaith Grouper

Jewfish – Fish In Key West Jewfish are a protected species. It’s actually illegal to take them out of the water to even remove the hook, which doesn’t really make sense. These grouper were overfished and close to extinction when they were protected, and since they have bounced back. Maybe bounced back too well according […]