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Hogfish, Hog Snapper

Hogfish – Fishing Charter Key West Hog Snapper or hogfish is not a snapper but actually a wrasse, and they are considered a great eating fish. They have 3 dorsal fins that looks like streamers. They eat crustaceans and hang around rocks and coral heads on the reef. The best way to fish for them […]


Grunt – Key West Charters Grunts, they are numerous species of grunts in the Keys. Most are small and can be found in schools around any structure or reef. They can be caught by the dozen on most patch reefs and people new to fishing here will find them entertaining. They make decent baits for […]

Great Barracuda

Barracuda – Key West Charter Fishing The great barracuda is common to the Florida Keys and can be caught on a variety of baits and artificials. They live in the waters around the Keys, from the Everglades and Florida Bay to far out into the Atlantic. Anywhere there is a food supply they will be […]

Ocean Triggerfish

Ocean Triggerfish – Charter Fishing Key West Ocean Triggerfish are common all over the reef in water over 40 feet deep. They will sometimes group up in a chum slick and will kill any larger bait you put out. They are great to eat but sort of difficult to clean because their skin is so […]

Gag Grouper

Gag Grouper – Key West Florida Fishing This is a baby gag grouper, the species gets large but is more common in the Florida Bay and Gulf of Mexico then Atlantic. Its more commonly caught in the lower keys then the upper keys.


Filefish – Charter Boat Key West File fish , this weird looking fish are common on the shallower reef and are notorious bait stealers, they are not caught on purpose but are actually pretty good to eat.

Dolphin – Mahi Mahi

Dolphin or Mahi-Mahi are one of the more sought after sport fish in the Florida Keys. Not only do they fight and jump a lot when hooked they are delicious to eat. They are relatively easy to catch if you can find them. Due to their rapid growth they are often hungry, and the smaller […]

Crevelle Jack

Crevelle Jack – Fishing Charters In Key West Jack Crevelles as they are usually referred to are often considered trash fish when caught fishing for other species. They are not good to eat and are aggressive feeders. Although they are considered undesirable they put up a great fight on light tackle. They are a blast […]


Cobia – Charter Boats In Key West Cobia can be caught all around the Keys but are much more common in the gulf waters. They tend to congregate around structures like rock piles and wrecks. They will eat live fish and cut bait, pinfish and small blue runners are common baits for Cobia. They are […]

Bonnethead Shark

Bonnet-head Shark – Fishing Charters Key West Florida Bonnet head sharks are common in most shallow water of the keys, they will eat just about anything and pretty easy to catch. They hang out on the same flats as bonefish, and very common in the back country and everglades. They are caught sometimes when the […]