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Islamorada Fishing

Islamorada Fishing Islamorada is considered the sportfishing capital of the world. More fishing records have been set there then anywhere else. Located in the middle Keys it has access to probably the most diverse environments to fish in. It is a short ride into the Everglades Park for spetacular backcountry fishing, it’s located where the […]

Mosquito Bank and Basin Hill Shoals

Mosquito Bank and Basin Hill Shoals Two popular patch reefs in the Key Largo Area are Mosquito Banks and Basin Hill Shoal. They are both a short distance from the Pennekamp State Park boat rentals and boat launch. Both reef areas hold tons of fish but are both much better fishing in the winter months. […]

Key Largo Fishing

Key Largo Fishing Key Largo is one of the northern most keys and closest to the mainland and Miami. The fishing in Key Largo is good if you want to fish the Reef, the Gulf Stream or the Everglades, but Florida bay is a bit of a run to get to. Key Largo is the […]

Gulf Wrecks

Gulf Wrecks There are dozens of wrecks north of Key West. Many are shrimp boats but others are larger vessels. Some of these wrecks are very public and gps numbers for them can be found from a variety of sources. Remember though hurricanes tend to move wrecks so some numbers will not be very accurate. […]

Airforce Relay Towers

Air Force Relay Towers There are several of these towers within range of Key West. These towers sit in anywhere from 35 to over 100 feet of water. Most are located in a veritable desert of the gulf. With no other competing structure around them they are magnets for fish. Depending on the time of […]

Dry Tortugas

Dry Tortugas The Dry Tortugas area is kind of considered the holy grail of bottom fishing in Florida. The actual island and Fort at the Dry Tortugas is actually a sanctuary where you cannot fish but there is a huge amount of awesome reef and bottom structure which surround the sanctuary. Fish caught are pretty […]

Key West Harbor

Key West Harbor The harbor in Key West boasts wildly different fishing depending on the time of year. It’s best known for the spring and summer tarpon fishing but there are fish in the harbor all year round. In tarpon season huge schools of tarpon roam the harbor and channels running out of it. The […]