Yellow Jacks and Bar Jacks

Yellow Jack – Key West Charter Boats

Bar Jacks and Yellow Jacks are common throughout the keys. They travel the entire reef and will be seen and caught from shallow patches to deep wrecks.  They are most commonly caught on live baits. Both fish are very good to eat unlike other jacks species.


Not really a fish you want to catch but you way catch one occasionally. Throw it back.


Amberjack – Key West Fishing Boats

Amber Jacks are sometimes called reef donkeys, are known for their large size and tremendous strength. They are usually deep water fish, and are common around deep reef and wrecks throughout the Florida Keys.

They are often caught on large jigs or large live baits fished near the bottom. They are not the best eating fish but can be ok if cooked right. Cooked right usually means smoked and made into a dip or made into a soup.

These fish are much more common and in shallower water in the winter although they can be caught all year round.

Catching more then a couple of them in a day can be hazardous to your back.